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Who are we?

Resto is the way to find and discover Haitian cuisine. Resto has hundreds of restaurants to choose from.

Resto is a division of

At our mission is to be the gateway for Haitian creativity, productivity, and innovation by allowing our customers to discover Haiti through the best products and services the country has to offer.

Bringing you the best of Haiti is what we do best

We support the local workforce.

Haitian workers earning a decent wage and working in a safe environment manufacture the products we source.

We support the community

Our suppliers are social and Family-owned businesses that are at the core of Haiti’s productivity and creativity.

We boost the local economy.

Each product we sell helps reduce the Haitian trade deficit and boost the local economy.

We always have Haiti in mind

Our processes and products are designed with the sole purpose of moving Haiti forward.

RESTO is the place to get more traffic for your restaurant
with a simple online ordering process.


Fron adding your menu to managing orders, no training needed to sell Online.


Anyone with an internet connection can purchase for their friends.


Accept multiple types of payments.

Low cost -2

No hidden fees. Just $2.99/month and a small commission of 5.09% per order.

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